Dead trees adjacent to a coal seam gas pilot well in the Pilliga Forest in North West New South Wales. The exploration project was run by Eastern Star Gas before being taken over by Santos in last 2011

The Wall of Fracking Shame is devoted to keeping a record of the harm the coal seam gas industry is causing to Australia, our water supplies and our landscape.

The coal seam gas industry is young in Australia. Development on any significant scale has only started to happen in recent years but already the incidents of ground-water pollution, spills from fracking and evaporation ponds and uncontrolled well releases have already been observed.

Many if not most of these incidents have only come to light because of the watchful eye and documentation of campaigners. Often it has only been through using the media to alert the public that any action has been taken by the companies involved and governments to respond to these incidents. Often these responses have been little more than a slap on the wrist.

There is a need for a site like this. Governments have failed in their obligations to adequately monitor extractive industries and to take action against often deliberate pollution incidents.

In the future we hope to expand this site to include coal and other mining activities.

This site is maintained by Justin Field, a policy advisor to the Greens in the NSW Parliament.


The following people have helped to develop and maintain this site:

Jess Wunsch – April/May 2012
Manon Marcadet – March 2012


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